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MA Mass Communication
MA New Media and Society
MA New Media, Governance and Democracy
MA Communications, Media and Public Relations
MA Communications, Media and Advertising

Course Description MA in Communication, Media and Public Relations
The MA in Communication, Media and Public Relations provides a critical analysis of the principles and practice of media and public relations in a national and global context. You will gain a thorough knowledge of the latest research into news access and journalistic practices, and the growth, functioning and significance of PR in contemporary society.

Course Description MA in Communication, Media and Advertising
The MA in Communication, Media and Advertising provides a thorough and critical understanding of advertising in a broad media context. The course combines a reflective analysis of media and communication studies with issues of policy and professional practices across a range of media industries with a specific focus on advertising.
This distance learning MA is designed for graduates with experience in advertising, marketing or related sectors who want to enhance their qualifications, and for those with an academic background in the social sciences or humanities who aspire to careers, or to teach, in these sectors.

Course Description MA in Mass Communications
The MA in Mass Communication integrates critical theory in media and communication studies with issues of policy and professional practices across a range of media industries. This degree will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the historical development and key approaches to the study of media, culture and communication. You will gain a comprehensive grounding in the theories and research necessary for studying, analysing, and understanding media and communication processes in both national and global contexts. This course will examine a wide range of questions in media and communications such as the changing social uses of media; media production, organisation and control; issues of management, training and ethics in media practice and media regulation.

Course Description MA in New Media, Governance and Democracy
The MA in New Media, Governance and Democracy examines the developments that have occurred around the world in the provision of electronic government. You will examine the political, economic and social reasons for the establishment of e-government and study online government developments in the wider context of debates about e-democracy and the civic engagement of citizens.
You will consider the establishment of e-government against the rapid spread and adoption of new information and communication technologies. We will also discuss the importance of e-government in offsetting growing political alienation and distrust of politicians and governments.

Course Description MA in New Media and Society
The MA in New Media and Society will give you the opportunity to examine in depth new media technologies and their impact and influences on society, culture, politics and economics at a global and national level.
The first year, which is common to all our Media and Communication distance learning courses, will provide you with a thorough grounding in the origins, theoretical development and research methods used in the study of media and communication

Start Dates: April and October

Each of the distance learning programmes shares a common first year (on successful completion of which you may choose to conclude your studies for the time being with the award of a Postgraduate Certificate in Mass Communications). The second year makes provision for more specialized study in the topic area identified in each programme’s title with the opportunity of further specialization through the pursuit of a dissertation (for an MA) or for early exit on completion of coursework (for a Postgraduate Diploma).
Studied over two years, the MA consists of eight core modules plus two optional modules, and a dissertation. The programme is based primarily on continuous assessment, with all but one of the modules being assessed by submission of an essay of not more than 3,000 words. The one exception is Module six which is assessed by examination at the end of the first year. Each module lasts eight weeks, two weeks of which are set aside for you to write your assignment. The final stage towards your MA degree is the completion of a dissertation of between 12,000 and 15,000 words. You will have approximately four months to complete your dissertation.


ΛΕΥΚΩΣΙΑ: Ιδιωτικά Φροντιστήρια ΣΑΒΒΙΔΗΣ, Ευαγόρα Παπαχριστοφόρου 2, Στρόβολος, Τ.Κ 23670, Λευκωσία 1685
τηλ:22 517 191, Φαξ: 22 51 41 71
: Λεωφόρος Ελλάδος 86, 8020 Πάφος. Tηλ: 26 220 533

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